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acai nail elixir

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5-in-1 Base Coat and Treatment

Strengthen, nourish and protect nails with our powerful 5-in-1 base coat and treatment. Fortified with nourishing oils and antioxidant-rich actives, this breathable formula actively repairs and regenerates dry or damaged nails. Say hello to a healthier manicure!

1. Harden & Strengthen – contains a patented active to improve nail condition and reduce breakage, plus a synergistic botanical blend to reinforce and strengthen the nail bed.

2. Boost Growth – fortified with Amino Acids to energise and stimulate nail growth.

3. Hydrate & Nourish – enriched with Argan and Baobab Oils to actively hydrate and nourish nails.

4. Protect – with renowned antioxidants Acai Berry, Violet Extracts and Vitamin E.

5. Conceal & Smooth – features light minerals to fill ridges and subtle colour to conceal nail imperfections.

Vegan. 12 Free