emily first got into yoga to help stretch aches + pains from working long hours. after her first class…. followed by lots of hot classes, she was hooked! outside of classes, you’ll find emily providing holistic therapy treatments at yahra, lost in a book or enjoying a country walk.

favourite food? 'burritos, curry, sushi and thai food.. on rotation please!'

random fact not many people know about you? 'I’m such a fan of the theatre, one of my early work experiences was at mamma mia in london' 



what inspired you to become a teacher? 'i love people!'

and what inspires you personally? 'i get a lot of inspiration from watching nature happen in front of me - a lot of how i understand the world comes from the connections and parallels i find when i’m outdoors.'

random fact others may not know about you? 'i am very creative - i have a degree in photojournalism'

what can students expect from your classes? i refuse to become a self made guru - i am your equal and am very much riding this yoga train with you! my aim is to make you feel like your cup has been refilled, like you have made progress and that you have a safe space to come back to again and again.  



zoe was first drawn to yoga to help with aches + pains from running + felt it was the perfect transition from her contemporary dancing. when zoe's not teaching you will find her cooking, eating or feeding!

zoe's style of teaching is uplifting, playful + modern with roots in the ancient practice. she also has a particular interest in finding out which poses combat certain ailments + is a big believer in holistic health.

your favourite books? / 'on chesil beach' by ian mcewan + 'this is going to hurt' by adam kay



cindy started her first class in university and hasn’t stopped practicing since! she has been teaching for 15 years – we know, she doesn’t look old enough!

cindy has gained her training + qualifications while in taipei, hong kong, beijing + india cindy’s teaching style is empowering, inspiring + informative

outside of class you’ll find cindy running or playing the handpan

random fact others may not know? cindy is also a padi scuba diver! 



shasha accidentally discovered her first yoga class in a gym at a time she was indulging in more extreme sports like skating + rock climbing. she instantly fell in love with yoga as it felt such a natural way for the body to move.

shasha describes her teaching as a number of styles but mostly a slow soul + energy led flow. outside of teaching you will find shasha spending time in tea shops with friends, reading, or bouldering!

shasha describes her style of teaching as a number of styles but mostly a slow soul + energy led flow

what inspires you? / 'people who believe they can do something and just do it. putting the work in! people who are willing to give themselves that gift'

random fact not many people know? / 'i’m a pretty open book but some people don’t know that I grew up in cyprus'



juita attended her first meditation class in 2015 when going through a difficult transition in her life. she believes it saved her sanity + also helped her through the grief of losing her father in 2017.

outside of teaching you’ll find juita taking long walks in the countryside, reading books, taking photos + cooking.

best piece of advice someone has given you? 'my dad – do more of what makes you happy and eat more vegetables!'

'I want each student to know that they are not on their own in their struggles. I also want them to feel empowered that whatever they are going through is not a sign of weakness and that their healing is not beyond them … and I think I’m quite funny too.. haha'



beth began her journey in india – the home of yoga. it was here she also trained to become a teacher. outside of class you’ll find beth on shoots as she is a professional photographer!

describe your style of teaching / “i love doing dynamic yoga which focuses on strength building + mobility in my personal practise, so i tend to teach the same style in my classes. i like having fun in my classes and enjoy experimenting.”

favourite tv show / “i still love watching friends.. and can probably quote every line from the show!”

a random fact few people know about you? 'i used to present a tv show in japan!'