ginger cleansing oil

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gentle oil-to-milk face cleanser

gentle face cleansing oil. its full-bodied texture rich in skin-compatible oils helps to remove any makeup residue, SPF, and pollution. it leaves the skin pleasantly soft and scented with notes of ginger with strong invigorating properties. 
  • Gentle formula deeply cleanses and removes make-up, SPF or pollution.
  • Leaves skin extremely soft and hydrated, strengthening the skin's natural barrier.
  • Natural formula infused with ginger oil.
  • Ideal for all types of skin, especially dry and dehydrated.

how to use
massage a small amount of product onto the face. moisten your hands with warm water and continue the massage with circular movements, then rinse with plenty of warm water. the use of a damp towel ensures effective removal, avoiding any residues from typical oily formulations.

pro tip
particularly suitable for undernourished skin and during the winter period. the massagability of the product relaxes the muscles and counteract the effects of stress.