yoga + the mind


saturday 14th january 2023


2:30pm - 5pm

led by:

kim fletcher

asana yoga is traditionally part of the practice in order to prepare, stretch and destress the body to enable it to sit for meditation. the power of the mind is often the main component as to why we do what we do and meditation is a proven tool to help overcome the obstacles we place onto ourselves, our practice and our lives. 

  • do you find it difficult to keep your mind engaged in your practice? 
  • do you find your mind has frantic moments? 
  • do you wish to know more about meditation and how even a small practice can change your entire outlook on life?

this interactive and practice focused workshop explores the benefits of meditation, the resistance that may rise in the mind, and how to overcome the mind’s obstacles. during this practice we will move the body through asanas, connect with pranayama (breath), consciously reflect on your inner and outer environments and how attachment can hold you back in your practice and ultimately your life. 

we will journey through kim’s developed principles on how to find your “circle of joy” and the ever giving present moment. expect to leave the workshop with deep insight into your own personal mind and how you can make immediate changes to bring more peace and joy to your world.

Step into a safe environment where kim will guide you through tools, theories and practices to help bring peace into the mind, expansion into the heart and light into your life through the power of meditation.  

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