yoga fundamentals | free your shoulders

date: 3rd july 2022
time: 2pm - 4.30pm
led by: cindy lin       

tight neck and shoulders? wrist pain? yoga helps!

this workshop is devoted to understanding the health and function of the shoulder girdle, improving posture, releasing and neck shoulder tension.  we will examine the movement of arms and shoulder, as well as discuss common shoulder injuries in yoga practice and how to build up the strength and flexibility to prevent or release it so you can move more comfortably.

this workshop is for you if you..

~ have chronic shoulder pain and hope to release it
~ are a yoga beginner and you want to know how to do basic yoga poses correctly.
~ are a yogi and you would like to know more about upper body alignment.
~ are a fitness enthusiast and you want to increase range of motion of the shoulder girdle.

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