yoga fundamentals | core + breath


sunday 13th november 2022


2pm - 4.30pm

led by:

cindy lin       

this month we will to look at the relationship between breathing and the core strength. we will start from looking at the basic anatomy and the technique of diaphragmatic breathing, and move on to a full slow but steady core and breath class, including a breathing practice (pranayama) at the end.
this workshop is for you if you:
~ have lower back pain and want to strengthen your core and correct your posture.
~ don’t have time for regular yoga classes but you want to learn a few core exercises that you can do at home!
~ would like to know how to breathe properly eg. when to inhale and when to exhale in a flow yoga class.
~ would like to understand breathing techniques such as belly breathing, chest breathing, and diaphragmatic breathing
~ interested about breath work (pranayama) and would like to know the science and theory behind it. 

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