yin + crystal bowl sound bath

date: sunday 6th november 2022
time:  5 - 7pm
led by: jo fellows

join jo for an evening of yin + sound healing.

we begin this workshop with a nourishing yin class, consisting of a series of long-held, passive poses that target our connective tissues, fascia, and the meridians. these poses (asanas) are held between 3-5 minutes , and are all floor based and supported by bolsters, blocks + blankets. 

relax into the body, and bring awareness to the breath in this truly wholesome practice, preparing the body to be immersed in sound healing.

sound healing is an ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years to support the body to detox, energise and heal.

a sound bath is a holistic treatment and an opportunity to completely relax. using therapeutic singing bowls specially designed for human body, along with the pure tones of crystal bowls we can clear discordant frequencies so the body is able to harmonise back into its natural vibrational state.

you will receive both a sonic audible experience and a vibrational experience that is extremely beneficial and healing both on the physical and mental levels. you will leave feeling a profound sense of relief, emotionally balanced and centred.

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