workshop | looking forward

sunday 31st january 2021  

         2pm - 4pm             


together we can build a powerhouse of bright positive energy so that we become the vibration that we would like to attract as we go into a new year.

join shasha (via zoom) for a 2 hour workshop which includes a ritual package that will be posted out to you. all levels welcome.

reserve your place                 £30


" nobody can reliably predict the future. many of us never even get there. we are too busy dragging along the experiences and burdens of the past, imposing old and dusty expectations on the future. 

there is a still point in the breath after the inhale that holds all possibility. this is like the present moment. if we flow within the present moment with vibrancy and intention, the future pours into us like the elixir of life. 

this cosmic yoga ritual workshop facilitates the process of allowing present moment flow, so that we can release what is behind us and gallop into the future as a part of it. we are not pretenders to the life we intend to live. that life flows through us when we allow it.

we will be workshopping yoga sequencing that reflects this process. we will be journaling, using mantra and mudra with meditation and visualisation to close the class and seal off our magic. "