winter workshop | somatic yoga + sound bath

date: thursday 23rd december 2021
time: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
led by: kate duke + ian kershaw
join us for our special winter workshop, and complete your year with a nourishing somatic movement session + gong bath.


we'll begin with the somatic movement method, which focuses on re-training our brain to break habitual tension and patterns. a somatic approach to yoga is about slowing down and allowing yourself time to mindfully listen in - with kindness and non-judgement - to the subtle sensations that unfold moment by moment in your body. 

experience this slow and gentle practice that gradually releases muscle tension and leaves you with a feeling of rest, renewal and space. by exploring rolling, rocking and pulsing movements, with curiosity and patience, we soothe our nervous system. we breathe and take time to pause, to integrate the effects of the movement. the practice feels fluid, mindful and subtle, and makes a surprisingly powerful impact in your body and mind. 


following on from our mindful movement, we continue on our journey with a sound bath. sound has a unique way of affecting our mental state. we only need listen to a certain song or piece of music to be either instantly happy or instantly sad depending on its nature. other types of sound can equally have a profound effect and in this sound bath session ian will take you on a journey of an altered state of consciousness using himalayan bowls, gongs, + cystal bowls before finally bringing you back to a grounded state. during this state you can either simply relax and soak up sonic textures, letting your mind go wherever it takes you, or choose to explore for yourself anything that may be impeding flow in your life. the sounds created by these instruments have a great way of reflecting back to you both insight and opportunity, if you open yourself to the possibility.

before the sound session itself there will be a short introduction to each of the instruments and a chance to settle in to the space followed by a period of time afterwards for reflection and contemplation.

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