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[comfort zone] age correction deluxe peel + lift facial           75mins

give your skin the boost of radiance + plumpness that it needs with an innovative double peel followed by a lifting mask for immediate rejuvenation. the activelift massage, inspired by kobido techniques, softens wrinkles + invigorates skin tone.


[comfort zone] skin expert signature facial                            60 mins

treat your skin to the care it deserves! a bespoke power packed facial designed especially for your skins needs whether it be hydration, purification or soothing.


/skin regimen/  urban detox facial                                        60 mins.              

the perfect facial for everyone, this facial counteracts the effects of stress and daily environmental pollution, fights imperfections and adult acne.  the /skin regimen/ detox peel-off, with chlorella and charcoal captures impurities and facilitates their removal.  ideal to keep oil production under control + re-establish the optimal level of hydration.  skin and mind are detoxified and reinvigorated


/skin regimen/  urban longevity facial                                     60 mins

the perfect antidote to modern fatigue and a busy lifestyle, this facial is the ideal solution for stressed skin showing the first signs of ageing.  customisable to correct dullness, dehydration, depletion and wrinkles, it deeply renews the skin + leaves it exceptionally glows and looking healthy thanks to the combination of AHA + result orientated boosters.


yahra full body massage                                                        60 mins               

our full body massage is personalised to soothe aching muscles from top to toe.  feel tension melt away as your therapist combines specific relaxation techniques, helping improve circulation and increase blood and lymph flow.  Our heated massage oils target your needs on a physical and emotional level, leaving you balanced and renewed.


yahra anti stress massage                                                     45 mins

the anti stress massage is ideal for those who suffer from headaches, sinus problems, eye strain or head + neck tension.  we work on the back, neck, shoulder + head, to relieve nervous tension aiding pain relief whilst clearing the sinuses and promoting mental focus + stimulating the scalp.


yahra back neck + shoulder massage                                   30 mins

using swedish massage techniques, this treatment focuses on the key areas of tension built up within the back, neck + shoulders.  our oil blends leave your skin feeling nourished and promote deep relaxation.


[comfort zone] tranquillity pro sleep ritual                              55 mins

an  innovative ritual acting on 3 different sensorial pathways for profound relaxation, recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax or have trouble sleeping well. the synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke tranquillity sound and ayurvedic and indian sea malay techniques, combined with the use of soft brushes,, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind + body state


reflexology                                                                               60 mins          

one of the oldest healing practices, reflexology involves gentle pressure points on the feet to rebalance the mind, body + soul and to help clear energy pathways.  this treatment will induce a deep state of relaxation whilst encouraging the body’s natural healing process leaving you feeling whole once again.


reiki                                                                                           60 mins          

reiki is the ancient japanese energy healing technique, focusing on clearing blockages in the system of chakras.  when energy flows uninterrupted this allows harmony and balance within and around us to be restored and to give a sense of wellbeing.  reiki treatments can help the body emotionally or spiritually.


sound therapy                                                                          60 mins

during a treatment, special therapy-quality singing bowls are played gently on the clothed's a soft, nurturing, and quiet experience. you can let go as sound waves and vibrations wash away stress giving rise to a surprisingly deep level of relaxation. afterwards you feel present, centered, rested, and in-tune; ​with a noticeable shift after just 10 minutes, and a profound sense of peace after a full session. 



 manicure ritual with shellac 60 mins £38
manicure ritual with nailberry polish 60 mins £35
pedicure ritual with shellac 60 mins £38
pedicure ritual with nailberry polish 60 mins £35
shellac application only 45 mins £31
file + paint with nailberry polish 30 mins £25

at yahra you will always find a clean environment. we take hygiene and your safety seriously so we have a strict no double dipping wax rule meaning we dispose of the spatula after every use.

eye treatments
 eyebrow tint* 15 mins £12
eyelash tint* 30 mins £15
eyebrow tint* + wax** 15 mins £22
eyelash tint* + eyebrow tint* + wax** 30 mins £30
waxing treatments**
 eyebrow shape 15 mins £13
lip 15 mins £12
lip + chin 15 mins £14
half leg 30 mins £23
full leg 45 mins £33
underarm 15 mins £13
forearm 30 mins £18
bikini 15 mins £13
extended bikini 15 mins £15
brazilian 40 mins £26
hollywood 40 mins £30
mens chest 30 mins £25
mens back 30 mins £25

*a patch test is required 48 hours prior to tinting

**waxing is unsuitable if you are using retina-a (currently, or in the last 3 months) or accutane (currently, or in the last 6 months) or if you have had a recent laser peel or are sunburned. 

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