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[comfort zone] age correction deluxe peel + lift facial
give your skin the boost of radiance and plumpness that it needs with an innovative
double peel followed by the lifting mask for immediate rejuvenation. the activelift
massage, inspired by kobido techniques, softens wrinkles and invigorates skin tone.
75 mins £70
[comfort zone] skin expert signature facial
treat your skin to the care it deserves! a bespoke power packed facial designed
especially for your skins needs whether it be hydration, purification or soothing.
60 mins £62
/skin regimen/ urban longevity facial™ 
the perfect antidote to modern fatigue and a busy lifestyle, this facial is the ideal
solution for stressed skin showing the first signs of ageing.
60 mins £60
/skin regimen/ urban detox facial™the perfect antidote for everyone, this facial
counteracts the effects of stress and daily environmental pollution, fights
imperfections and adult acne. the /skin regimen/ detox peel-off with chlorella and
charcoal captures impurities and facilitates their removal. ideal to keep oil production
under control and re-establish the optimal level of hydration. skin and mind are
detoxified and reinvigorated.
60 mins £60