stress management with gentle yoga, pranayama + chakra healing meditation

date: saturday 19th November 2022
time: 12pm - 1.30pm
led by: prachi pokhriyal

yahra gives a warm welcome to guest teacher prachi pokhriyal, a 500hr RYS certified hatha and ashtanga yoga teacher, who has taught various styles of yoga in India and across the UK.

the workshop will begin with chanting with AUM, the universal sound of creation and techniques of energising central nervous system, followed by gentle joint movements to relieve stiffness from the body derived from the traditional hatha yoga with some yoga poses focusing on bringing relaxation to lymphatic and nervous system.

you will also experience ancient Pranayama and breathing techniques focusing on strengthening the core, improving abdominal tract health, cleansing the energy channels and activation of pituitary gland for promoting production of happy hormones and relaxation hormones.

the practice will close with a 20 minute chakra healing meditation aiming at bringing balance to all the 7 main energy centre and clearing any energy blockages.

suitable for all levels

herbal tea + biscuits will be provided after the workshop

book £20.00