sound + cacao yoga ritual


saturday 20th august 2022


2:30pm - 4:30pm

led by:

kim fletcher

step into this soulful space and allow your heart, mind and instinct to align and to be truly present. this ritual event gives you the chance to reconnect to your inner voice by embracing the subtle power of cacao to open your heart, release negative energy and connect to gratitude. kim will guide you through this ritual event by giving you the opportunity to centre yourself and absorb any messages your inner truth is offering. 

this event will begin with an opening circle of sage cleansing and intention setting, creating a space for you to be present to really connect within. followed by a guided meditation to welcome the plant medicine cacao and its earthly energy in order to connect you to your higher self. inviting mindful movement to encourage the physical body to surrender. the sound ritual will then flow to shift and change stagnant energy with sound vibrations and enhance balance and equanimity in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

bring your open heart, your open mind and any questions into this safe space to connect in and absorb your potential. 

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