pranayama + yin yoga

date: sunday 12th june 2022
time:  3pm -5pm
led by: nikki timney
this afternoon is all about slowing down and connecting deeper to the mind, body and breath. 

the first hour will be spent learning about the importance of the breath for maintaining a healthy body and mind. when yoga was founded in the East centuries ago, the breath was at the root of the practice.  today, the breath remains as important as ever, but, in our modern lives, poor posture and constant stress has meant that many of us don't breathe optimally, and our body and minds suffer as a result.  in the first half of the session you will learn why the breath is so important, how it physiologically and energetically impacts the body, and be guided through some techniques that you can practice in everyday life to help you breathe more consciously. 

after working through the breathwork techniques, the mind and body will be perfectly prepped for our yin yoga sequence. we will maintain this connection to the breath as we work through a series of yin yoga poses to help release and remaining tension. 

suitable for all levels

book £25.00