persophone | navigating the shadowlands

date: sunday 21st November 2021
time: 1pm - 4pm
led by: shasha
the myth of persephone and hades is told a few ways. persephone is taken from her mother demeter by hades the god of the underworld. she is free to leave unless she eats the food offered to her there. even though she eats only a few pomegranate seeds her choice is made and she is married to hades. her mother, goddess of spring protests by making the earth barren and inducing winter, until it is agreed that she will spend autumn and winter in the underworld with hades, and return to her mother in spring.

in this workshop you will be guided to drift gently into your own underworld and learn tools to help you love and nurture the parts of yourself that you find more challenging. through mirrorwork, journeying, yoga, breathwork and exercises of discernment you will be held in a safe space. In this space we will initiate a conversation with our shadow aspects in oder to integrate them and regain some of our latent personal power.

the promise of persephone’s journey is that she will always return to the light. the shadowlands is a part of our inner landscape that once we learn to navigate, will no longer be a place we fear to tread, but another process of reclamation of our personal power.

we complete the practice with gratitude and love for ourselves, and our unfolding journey.

‘I claim this body for love, I claim this land for love’
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