may meditation | patience

 guided mindfulness + meditation with juita: patience

the mindfulness attitude of patience, is a form of wisdom.  of understanding and appreciating that sometimes things must unfold in its own time. 
just as we cannot break open a chrysalis to free the butterfly before it's ready, certain things in life simply cannot be rushed.  we practice patience towards our own minds and bodies in the same way where we give ourselves the time and room to grow and to experience things in its fullness. 
the wisdom of patience also applies to how we interact with each other, with work and life in general.

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these meditations will be live on zoom each week, (you do not need to turn your microphone or camera on if you are not comfortable with this). get cosy, settle onto the sofa or into bed with your favourite cuppa, plug in your headphones and close your eyes as you're guided every tuesday evening at 8pm.