inner strength | the details in warrior poses

sunday 12th february  |  2pm - 4:30pm

with cindy lin

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the warrior poses are a group of powerful yoga poses that build strength, flexibility, and balance. yoga warrior sequences increase our cardiovascular endurance and promote stretching and strengthening of the muscles, improving blood circulation.

in this workshop we will look into the details of different version of warrior asanas - how to do the poses/why we do it this way and the stories behind them. you will feel the strength both physically and mentally throughout the practice.

this workshop is ideal for beginners to learn the basic yoga asanas and also for those who have practiced for a while and would like to refine your practice.

ujjayi pranayama (also known as breath of victory), is a balancing pranayama that soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and increases psychic sensitivity.

we complete this practice with an extended savasana and live handpan music by cindy.