guided meditation

 guided mindfulness + meditation with juita: slowing down

the clocks have turned back and we are aware that we are gently easing into winter. during the dark depths of winter, icy winds blow and the trees slow their metabolism to become dormant. bears and other animals enter the long sleep of hibernation. similarly, this season calls for our minds + body to rest, to slow down and retreat inwards. it is a time for us to focus on building our internal energy. winter also welcomes us to quieten our minds, to be still, and to listen to our own intuition. this is in an attempt to balance the natural rhythms of winter with the busy world we live in.
join juita this november where we will practice the wisdom of slowing down; exploring different ways to resist the constant need to be pushing and striving. you will be guided through several simple yet powerful mindfulness + meditation techniques to help you slow down your pace so you can begin to enjoy periods of calm, rest and reflection.
every tuesday, 8pm.


tuesday 3rd november - the sacred pause

tuesday 10th november - savouring

tuesday 17th november - self-care

tuesday 24th november - sleep meditation


these meditations will be live on zoom each week, (you do not need to turn your microphone or camera on if you are not comfortable with this). get cosy, settle onto the sofa or into bed with your favourite cuppa, plug in your headphones and close your eyes as you're guided every tuesday evening at 8pm.  

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