deep relaxation sound bath

date: sunday 22nd may 2022
time: 7.30pm - 9pm
led by: ian kershaw
join us for this session where ian will be your guide to help you navigate your way to either starting your practice or helping you overcome any barriers you may have that have prevented you in the past. following this 30 minute session he will then use gongs and bowls to deliver a relaxing sound bath to round off a complete mind/body/soul experience.
sound has a unique way of affecting our mental state. we only need listen to a certain song or piece of music to be either instantly happy or instantly sad depending on its nature. other types of sound can equally have a profound effect and in this sound bath session ian will take you on a journey of an altered state of consciousness using himalayan bowls, gongs, + crystal bowls before finally bringing you back to a grounded state. during this state you can either simply relax and soak up sonic textures, letting your mind go wherever it takes you, or choose to explore for yourself anything that may be impeding flow in your life. the sounds created by these instruments have a great way of reflecting back to you both insight and opportunity, if you open yourself to the possibility.
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