goddess of water

date: sunday 29th may 2022
time:  1pm - 4pm
led by: shasha
we are very excited to announce that Shasha will be running the first ever goddess workshop based on her time at the river.  shasha is a yoga teacher, energy healer and medium and is currently writing a book based on her experiences at the river, returning to the embrace of the Divine Mother.
the goddess reveals herself in many ways and forms. She is the scintillating light on the water, the embrace of the soft earth and the gentle kiss of a summer’s breeze. she pours into the places where we need her, as soon as we are ready to receive. whether you believe in divine energy or simply your higher self, this flow is a powerful force for healing.

we will prepare our bodies with yoga, breath-work and a Qi Gong warmup, ready for a deep communion and meditation with the aspect of the divine feminine we know as Sabrina or Hafren (Welsh). we will journal and connect to the flow of goddess energy through tea and invite that healing and light to channel through us.

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