goddess of the water

date: sunday 29th may 2022
time: 1pm - 4pm
led by: shasha
the goddess reveals herself in many ways and forms. she is the scintillating light on the water, the embrace of the soft earth and the gentle kiss of a summer’s breeze. she pours into the places where we need her, as soon as we are ready to receive.
whether you believe in divine energy or simply your higher self, this flow is a powerful force for healing. 

this workshop brings us back into the flow of the divine feminine in our lives. we all have feminine and masculine qualities, but the challenges of our society have meant that the masculine energy of action and force are dominating our every day lives.

so many of us are chronic over-doers and we do not allow ourselves to rest. even when we have a quiet moment we do not know how to let go of our relentless thoughts and the adrenaline in our system keeping us alert.  


" when i started spending time at the river severn, i began to connect more deeply with the spirit of that place, and the divine energies of goddesses who had whispered to me and through me in the past. this elemental connection with goddess energy came surprisingly naturally as i felt myself drawn to spend more and more time on the banks of the river severn, the longest river in the united kingdom. 

the resulting energy of rest, comfort and nurture that arose out of this new-found communion with nature as the mother transformed the way i live my life. it has especially changed how kind i am to myself. we all have many defensive layers built up around us to protect us, which very often stay when we no longer need them, and hold us back from experiencing joy and peace that are readily available to us.

through immersion, meditation, ritual and communion, divine feminine energy began to flow through me in a new way. this has brought about healing of generational trauma, particularly related to the female side of my family, and brought new insight, hope and guidance. the guidance has come in the form of energetic practices and applications that i will share with you in this workshop. "

we will connect with the spirit of the goddess through: 

~ breathwork

~ yoga flow

~ tea ceremony

~ meditation

~ journaling

~ song (optional)


" i will introduce you to the goddess energies that have come to support me, and how they can support you also. i intend that you leave with a greater sense of surrender, trust and freedom. through this material, may you move forwards with a greater sense of flow and creativity as we tap into the goddess within."

everyone welcome. 

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