root to rise

date: friday 22nd april 2022
time:  7am - 8.30am 
followed by a light breakfast (eating together or take away if you have to dash off for work!)
led by: emily
balancing the muladhara chakra
we can think of chakras as portals between our physical body and our energy body. the muladhara chakra (meaning ‘root’) is located at the base of the spine, pointing downward and connecting us to earth, and is a solid foundation for all the other chakras. 
in the same way a tree requires strong roots to grow tall, our energy system works the same. we need strength and stability to lay a sturdy base in order to support and nourish us through the ups and downs of life.
if weak or damaged, we may feel spacey, anxious or physically exhausted.  if over-developed, it can show up as being set in our ways, hoarding, or feeling physically stiff. 
when the root chakra is in balance, we feel grounded, safe, and comfortable in our skin.
the muladhara chakra is connected to the earth element. join us this world earth day, as emily leads a specially extended practice of meditation and pranayama followed by asana practice, and a guided savasana, bringing equilibrium to this wonderful and vital chakra. 
suitable for all levels
**this workshop may be held in our onsite outdoor yoga garden if the weather is warm, otherwise inside the studio** 


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