december | guided meditations

 guided mindfulness + meditation with juita: letting go of the old to welcome the new

with this being the final month of 2020 it is only apt to close the chapter with the theme of 'letting go of the old to welcome the new'. 

as the trees shed their leaves, we too shall do the same with all that no longer serve us. as nature slowly withdraws into the deep rest of winter, we too shall retreat to rest and recharge in preparation for the new year and to welcome new adventures and opportunities.... for rebirth in spring. 

So this month's theme/practice is to help us gently through this process. 

join juita, every tuesday at 8pm, to help guide us gently through this process; 

1st december – letting go

8th december - forgiveness

15th december - gratitude

22nd December – welcoming the new


these meditations will be live on zoom each week, (you do not need to turn your microphone or camera on if you are not comfortable with this). get cosy, settle onto the sofa or into bed with your favourite cuppa, plug in your headphones and close your eyes as you're guided every tuesday evening at 8pm.  

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