happy monday once again, (where are the weeks going?!)   

i am enjoying the essence of spring this week, seeing lambs in the fields whilst out walking, the blossom on the trees, and the lavender growing at speed in my garden. even the large amount of succulents and plants i temporarily adopted from yahra have grown with all the extra light streaming through the windows. in fact, they have grown so much that many of them needed to be repotted, and some needed separating from the baby plants attaching themselves to the sides. i would class myself as…not having a green thumb to say the least! so, after a quick call to mom to check I was even using the right soil, I knew it would be guess work from here. but not too long in, i realised I had done this before somewhere... the pattern of reaching into the large bag of soil, patting it down around the edges of the plant; it was naturally coming back to me. i had, surprisingly, forgotten that I had spent 3 months on a plant nursery on a small island, in australia. i worked for this sweet family potting all sorts of plants and trees - they grew and sold everything! every day I would walk up to the nursery, perch myself in front of a large wheel barrow filled with soil, be taught about which type of plants I would be working with that day, pop my earphones in with a decent playlist, and off I’d work for a couple of hours, with the sun beaming down. now here I was, in the sun, music playing - transported back. not only to this memory but to a sort of skill I had experienced before. it made me wonder.. how often does this happen to us? how often do we doubt our capabilities when the chances are, we may have actually learnt it before (if not, a similar skill) even if it was at school, or from our parents, or a hobby we gave up long ago!  when you were younger, did you love to paint? or sew? does baking a certain dessert remind you of baking with your mother and is there advice that came with this that you still swear by to this day when cooking?  i hope this period allows you a chance to revisit something you may have buried away for a while, not because you don’t want to remember, but because its not often we get the time to sit and reminisce on these things.   

wishing you all the best,   

emily x