happy bank holiday


welcome to week 2 of our yahra weekly where i share a few of the things i have found uplifting and inspiring during lockdown. 


how glorious was the weather last week?! i know lots of us will have been working away in our gardens, or taking advantage of our daily exercise allowance on walks outdoors - we're so lucky to live in a beautiful green area of the country. did you know that we need as little as 10 minutes of sun exposure a few times a week to reach our vitamin d level requirements? it's vital for our brain function, bone health as well as easing mild depression and on top of all of that, nature is the perfect way to groundourselves and become PRESENT. why not take your meditation or yoga practice outdoors and bring your awareness to all of the senses around you, even if you can only spare just a few minutes a day.


this morning we had our guest teacher kim lead a beautiful vinyasa flow pratice. if there's one thing i'm grateful for during this social distancing, it's being able to continue this practice with you all as well as the ease in bringing teachers to you that otherwise takes a lot of planning and oranising! (although we shall definitely have kim come and teach in the studio as soon as we can!) in the meantime.. shall we have another virtual guest teacher?!


wishing you all health, happiness + sunshine!


emily x